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Bird Interpretation Center

Birds are in general considered to be the Bio-Indicators of healthy environment. They play an important role in serving nature by performing pollination, seed dispersal, insect control and cleaning activities. There are about 210 species of birds reported in Van Vihar National Park. More than 80 species of migratory birds visit this area in thousands every year.

The park management has created a Bird Interpretation Centre recently, with the following objectives:

  • Spread awareness about the birds, their habitat, physical form, migration, structure and types of their nests.
  • Inspire visitors to conserve bird habitat and nests existing in their surroundings and promote setting up of bird feeders and artificial nests in the safety of their homes.}
  • Inspire tourists to join and contribute in Widlife Conversation.

Bird Interpretation Centre is spread in the area of 2 hectares and has three different zones:

  • Swagat – This is the reception area of the centre which will give information about the Bird Intrepretation Centre.
  • Needam – This is an area with tree cover that exhibits and interprets different types of Indian bird's nests through artificial models.}
  • Vihang – A building which has modern exhibits of Indian Birds, their habitat, physical structure and information about their natural behaviour, migration pattern etc.

Click Here to download the PDF containing list of Birds reported in Van Vihar.

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