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Van Vihar is one of its kind establishment in the country having the unique distinction of being the combination of National Park, Zoological garden, Rescue centre for wildlife as well as a Conservation Breeding Centre for vital species like Tiger, Barasingha and Vulture. It is the only place in central India where its rescue centre harbours number of Lions and Tigers rescued from the circuses, Sloth Bears rescued from the madaris and/or circuses along with abandoned/distressed animals like Tigers, Panthers and Bears rescued from the wild or from the zones of human-wildlife conflict.

Van Vihar is also a designated co-ordinating zoo and “Conservation Breeding Centre” for the Royal Bengal Tiger and a participating zoo for the Asiatic Lion, as well as for the Hard Ground Barasingha, the state animal of Madhya Pradesh and two species of Gyps Vultures.

Although the more prominent status of the Van Vihar area is of National Park, the tourist zone developed and managed as a modern zoological park, religiously following the guidelines of Central Zoo Authority (CZA) is a major tourist attraction.

Thus, along with being a rescue centre for wildlife and conservation breeding centre of some very important species. Van Vihar plays a significant role in spreading awareness and nature conservation amongst the visitor throughout the year.

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