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Barasingha Breeding Center

Rescue Centre And Breeding Centre

The Central Zoo Authority and State Government of Madhya Pradesh signed a memorandum of understanding for formation of Rescue Centre for rehabilitation of rescued circus animals in the off exhibits at Van Vihar National Park, Bhopal on 23.03.2005.

Hardground Swampdeer – Barasingha, Breeding Centre

In order to propagate and facilitate reintroduction of Swampdeer species (Hardground Barasingha) in wilderness, a centre of breeding of Hardground Barasingha was established at Van Vihar in the year 2015.

7 animals were translocated from Kanha National Park as founder population. 3 of them were males and 4 of them were females. In the last three years the barasinghas population has come up to 15 indicating the successful adaptation and breeding of the species.

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