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Van Vihar National Park and Zoo is one of the most revered National Parks and Zoo in Central India. It has become a shining beacon in the field of conservation and is an ideal example of eco-restoration. It is a national park situated within the city limits of Bhopal and presents a perfect picture of grandeur and tranquillity of a forest area. It is, in true sense, a real treasure trove of nature and wildlife to be explored by both the wildlife enthusiasts as well as a casual tourist.

Van Vihar National Park and Zoo has an enriching assortment of various fascinating feathered creatures, mesmerising mysterious reptiles, free ranging herbivores and captive carnivores encompassed by greenery. The park which is more popularly known as just “Van Vihar” is considered as a “must see” destination for tourists visiting Bhopal, the capital city of Madhya Pradesh.

The typical combination of rich wetland areas, meadows, pools of water at different places, rugged slopes, mixed bamboo vegetation along with grass covered plateau and areas of mixed plantations support the rich floral and faunal diversity of Van Vihar. This green oasis amidst the city of lakes also plays a very vital role as a carbon sink contributing to environmental health of Bhopal.

It is situated right next to the famous Upper Lake of Bhopal also known as the “Bada Talab” which is a Ramsar Site and one of the two lakes of Bhoj Wetland. Van Vihar is a part of Upper Lake catchment area which checks siltation and contributes to pollution free water in the lake, one of the major sources of water for the city.

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