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Bear Rescue Center

Rescue Centre And Breeding Centre

The Central Zoo Authority and State Government of Madhya Pradesh signed a memorandum of understanding for formation of Rescue Centre for rehabilitation of rescued circus animals in the off exhibits at Van Vihar National Park, Bhopal on 23.03.2005.

Bear Rescue Centre

A Sloth Bear Rescue Centre was established in Van Vihar in 2006, in collaboration with Wildlife SOS, a New Delhi based NGO in order to put an end to the cruel practice of dancing Bears in the state. The Bear Rescue Centre in Van Vihar National Park, Bhopal is home to 25 Sloth Bears. 20 of these bears were rescued/handed over by their masters or Kalandars to the Wildlife SOS and 5 Bears were rescued by the Forest Department.

Van Vihar provides excellent infrastructure and monitors the welfare of the Bears while the Wildlife SOS Vet and team supervises their care and ensures that they receive nutritious diet with added vitamins and medication when required. The Bears are well looked after like other animals at Van Vihar.

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