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Animal Management

Management of Captive Animals

Van Vihar partly being a zoological park is being managed in-line with the modern concept of zoo management as per the norms of Central Zoo Authority. Accordingly, all the animals of Van Vihar like Tigers, Leopards, Lions, Bears, Hyenas etc. are kept in captivity are housed in safe and comfortable environment for animals with proper setup of night housing, kraals, big enclosures etc.

All felids and hyenas are fed with meat and occasionally with poultry. Bears are provided with cereals, milk, vegetables, honey, dates and fruits in a prescribed quantity for a balanced diet.

All captive herbivores are fed with grasses and animal feed concentrates throughout the year as per prescribed norms.

Management of Free Ranging Animals

Herbivore animals such as Cheetal, Sambhar, Black buck, Blue bull etc. are abundant in Van Vihar National Park. There are no enclosures for them except the outer boundaries of Van Vihar. Normally the grass and other plant species growing in the park are sufficient for these herbivores, however, in summers when the grass is scarce, green fodder grown in the fodder farm, cattle feed and dried grass with salt supplements is provided at various places. Green fodder is grown in-house in the fodder farm of Van Vihar.

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