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Vulture Conservation Center

Rescue Centre And Breeding Centre

The Central Zoo Authority and State Government of Madhya Pradesh signed a memorandum of understanding for formation of Rescue Centre for rehabilitation of rescued circus animals in the off exhibits at Van Vihar National Park, Bhopal on 23.03.2005.

Vulture Conservation Breeding Centre

Van Vihar in collaboration with the Bombay Natural History Society runs a Vulture Conservation Breeding Centre (VCBC) which is located at the edge of a reserve forest area near Kerwa dam in Bhopal. It is about 7 km. from Van Vihar and is 5.5 acres in area. The centre was established in 2014 for the breeding of two Critically Endangered Gyps species of vultures - White-backed, Gyps bengalensis and Long-billed, Gyps Indicus.

Basic infrastructure at the centre includes colony aviary, hospital aviary, nursery aviary, holding Aviary, Quarantine facility, CCTV Monitor room, Well equipped haematology laboratory, Clinical room, Staff accommodation and Vehicles.

There are more than 60 Vultures at the centre, of which 41 are Long billed and 20 are White backed. A White backed chick hatched in the month of March 2017, making the centre's breeding initiatives a success. The recurring expenditure of the VCBC is completely funded by the Madhya Pradesh Forest Department.

The centre takes up regular breeding, health check-ups and monitoring activities and helps in awareness generation about the role of Vultures in the environment and need of their Conservation. The centre helped in the organization of a one day workshop at Van Vihar on 2nd October 2016 on the 'Role of Vultures in cleaning the environment'.

Click Here to download PDF to know more about the Varieties of Vultures found in India.

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