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  • Email : fdvanvnp.bpl@mp.gov.in

Do(s) and Don’t(s)

Do(s) Don’t(s)

• Abide by the Park rules. Non-obedience can lead to legal action.

• Obtain a Valid Permit before entering the Park

• Recommended speed inside the park - 20 km/h.

• Its recommended that you carry drinking water with you.

• Maintain silence and discipline inside the park. It will enhance your experience during the visit.

• Inform any undesirable or suspicious activities seen during excursion to the nearest forest officer/employee.

• Wear light-coloured clothes blended with nature during excursion.

• Maintain the boundaries of where humans are not allowed.

• Don't enter the Park without legal entry pass or ticket. Re-entry through previously purchased ticket is prohibited.

• Don’t overspeed the vehicle you are travelling in inside Van Vihar. The speed limit is 20km/hr.

• Don’t enter the park carrying pets/fire arms/ explosives and fire crackers.

• Do not climb on the walls of animal enclosures. Do not cross or climb on the stand or any barriers.

• Do not enter any prohibited areas/roads.

• Do not damage signages, trees, fences, nests, display boards and enclosures.

• Parking of vehicles in areas other than areas allotted for parking, is prohibited.

• Swimming/Washing/Bathing and Fishing in the lake/ponds is strictly prohibited.

• Blowing horn, listening to radio, playing car stereo and making sounds is prohibited.

• Use of polythene or non-biodegradable material or throwing wastes or food materials is strictly prohibited. Don't litter with cans, bottles, plastic bags or any garbage inside the park. Dispose off any garbage once you come out.

• Irritating or causing any kind of disturbance to wildlife by making faces, throwing pebbles/stones at them, offering eatables and teasing them is prohibited.

• Consuming alcohol, tobacco, smoking and burning anything is prohibited.

• Vehicle carrying tourist beyond capacity as permitted by RTO is prohibited.

• Don't carry cigarette/match box inside the park.

• Don’t smoke or light fire.